Delving Deeper Boxed Set & 2nd Shipment Update

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Holmes Expansion art by Kevin Mayle.

Holmes Expansion art by Kevin Mayle.

Hey folks,

I cannot apologize enough for my terrible handling of the Delving Deeper Boxed Set pre-orders.

I have a few Delving Deeper Boxed Set left to ship (including those of the Author’s, Contributor’s and Robert Conley’s.) They will all be shipped before the end of August. If you ordered a Delving Deeper Boxed Set and haven’t received it yet (or by the end of August), please contact me. I am currently behind on responding to emails, but I am working to get caught up.

The Second Shipment  will begin September 1 and should be complete by the end of September.

It will include:

  • 3 Little Modules
  • A card stock map of Blackmarsh
  • Alchemical Synergy (a guide for playing Delving Deeper in  a S&W:WhiteBox way)
  • A Special Edition of Meepo’s Holmes Expansion

Again, I apologize for my terrible mis-handling of the Delving Deeper Boxed Set orders and thank you for your patience.

Haldo Made His Saving Throw

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saving throw

Over the last two and a half years, I have had a number of personal and professional difficulties. I believe that much of it is well-known in our gaming circles, so I won’t list them again. During that time period, I made many mistakes and some very poor business decisions too. 


However, it now looks like BHP will be able to make it through these failures and will continue to be able to produce quality gaming materials on into the future. While it is still a painfully slow process, nearly every Delving Deeper Boxed Set order has been shipped and Appendix N Adventures Kickstarter and Subscription products are shipping too.


I realize that many people are still very angry with me and some have decided to never give BHP a try again in the future. I understand how they feel and all I can do is what I am already doing – trying to ship the very best products to folks as fast as I can. It is very encouraging to me that the majority of people receiving these new products find them to be of good quality. 


I expect that BHP will continue to be focused upon finishing up the Delving Deeper Boxed Set (our part) and the Appendix N Adventures projects over the coming months. But once they are completed, I have many other projects in the works. NONE of them involve crowd sourcing or doing my own shipping. BHP has good equipment, plenty of workspace and I have a renewed sense of purpose.


But to put it all into gaming terms:

 Haldo (our namesake halfling), having fallen into a spiked pit, has made his saving throw. Injured almost to the point of death, he has climbed his way out of the pit. After tending to his wounds, he has planted a warning sign so that others may see his mistake(s) and and avoid them. Soon, he will get back up and return to the adventure. But this time, he will do so armed with the wisdom of experience.


*A special thanks to Reece Ambrose for creating BHP’s header for 2014. :)