Catching Up This Week

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Hey folks.

I have fallen behind on responding to emails, but I will be spending the next few days catching up. I also have updates for the Appendix N Annual Subscription folks (which will start with an email from me to them with a pdf coupon for 5 Add-On Adventures and 2 Add-On Extras) and Delving Deeper. Lastly, I have long-delayed website updates too.

FREE PDF – Dagger: House Rules for Labyrinth Lord

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130229These house rules offer an exciting adjustment to Labyrinth Lord. They often require a bit more strategy and planning on the part of the players. Low-level monsters remain a serious threat, each high-level monster is an epic adventure and even miscellaneous magic items are highly valued and useful.

This toolkit was forged out of the great ideas of many others and tested at my gaming table. I made use of ideas and concepts of many in the OSR including John Higgins, Geoffrey McKinney, Zachary Howard, Robert Conley, Golan, Stuart Robertson, and Matt Finch.

Everything inside is optional and only meant as a tweak to the Labyrinth Lord Core Rules. What these rules do not change remains as they appear in Labyrinth Lord. Please feel free to use, tweak, change, or discard anything. In no way are they meant to be a comment or critique of old-school games or gaming. They are simply my house rules for Labyrinth Lord.

This a free pdf. LINK

Update on Delving Deeper 2nd Shipment

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I apologize for not being able to reply to all of my emails and private messages in a timely manner. Please be assured that I am not ignoring you, nor have I stepped away from BHP.

For the first five or so year after starting Brave Halfling Publishing, I was under-employed (and occasionally unemployed). I had all the time I needed to reply to emails and private messages on forums, print, bind, wrap, and ship products by hand in a timely manner.

But for the last two years, I have been fully employed in my day job (and often working a great deal of “overtime”). It is great to know that the people of this church value my help when they go through difficult times in their lives. And I am even more pleased that I can sometimes make a difference in their lives too.

But that means I must change some fundamental things about BHP – most especially going back to releasing almost everything in pdf and POD (with no deadlines, pre-orders or crowd-sourcing). Once my current projects are finished, this is the way I will operate BHP.

Delving Deeper
I am still shipping the last few Delving Deeper Boxed Set orders. I have learned that this shipments seem to go through less problems when I take the package to the post office, fill out the customs form and pay for postage right there.

The materials for the 2nd shipment are completed. I just need to print, bind and wrap them – but that won’t be anything like the huge job it has been to put the actual boxed sets together. I know I promised all kinds of things over the years for the second shipment, but almost all of them have just not worked out. Plus, the boxed sets are already completely full and I have no intention of making folks wait months or years before receiving the second shipment. In addition, Simon has taken the game in a different direction than we had planned. Now, that isn’t a bad thing at all, but it does make me uncomfortable trying to make compatible products for Delving Deeper. The second shipment is for those persons who pre-ordered a Delving Deeper Boxed Set.

The second shipment will now include a copy of the Blackmarsh map, a booklet on how to play Delving Deeper in a Swords & Wizardry: WhiteBox way and a very special Holmes Basic House Rules booklet. This booklet has a color cover and includes special art in Honor of Holmes Basic. It is exclusive to this project, is only in print and will never, ever be offered again. I hope this be something folks will like.

That’s about all the time I have right now, so it is back to shipping. Thank you for your support and your supreme patience.


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Delving Deeper Boxed Sets

Only handful remain left to ship – most are large international orders.

The materials for the 2nd shipment are almost complete. All that is left is to finish the final layout of the last product and I am shooting for completion on Monday. It will take me a week or two to get them printed up, but I will start shipping them as soon as they are ready.

Appendix N Adventures (Kickstarter & Subscription)

The 1st shipment continues to go out.

We are working towards having all of the remaining print rewards ready to start shipping on May 1. Lots of materials are now out at the printers and I will post pictures as they arrive.

The plan is to begin final shipping the first week of May, making sure those kickstarter supporters who paid extra postage get theirs in the first batches to go out as well as those who might end up not having received the first shipment next and then everyone else.

For those Annual subscribers do not have their first shipment by May 1 will receive all of the modules together.

It is my hope and goal that everyone will have all of their print rewards before the 2nd anniversary of the funding of this kickstarter project.

Haldo Made His Saving Throw

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saving throw

Over the last two and a half years, I have had a number of personal and professional difficulties. I believe that much of it is well-known in our gaming circles, so I won’t list them again. During that time period, I made many mistakes and some very poor business decisions too. 


However, it now looks like BHP will be able to make it through these failures and will continue to be able to produce quality gaming materials on into the future. While it is still a painfully slow process, nearly every Delving Deeper Boxed Set order has been shipped and Appendix N Adventures Kickstarter and Subscription products are shipping too.


I realize that many people are still very angry with me and some have decided to never give BHP a try again in the future. I understand how they feel and all I can do is what I am already doing – trying to ship the very best products to folks as fast as I can. It is very encouraging to me that the majority of people receiving these new products find them to be of good quality. 


I expect that BHP will continue to be focused upon finishing up the Delving Deeper Boxed Set (our part) and the Appendix N Adventures projects over the coming months. But once they are completed, I have many other projects in the works. NONE of them involve crowd sourcing or doing my own shipping. BHP has good equipment, plenty of workspace and I have a renewed sense of purpose.


But to put it all into gaming terms:

 Haldo (our namesake halfling), having fallen into a spiked pit, has made his saving throw. Injured almost to the point of death, he has climbed his way out of the pit. After tending to his wounds, he has planted a warning sign so that others may see his mistake(s) and and avoid them. Soon, he will get back up and return to the adventure. But this time, he will do so armed with the wisdom of experience.


*A special thanks to Reece Ambrose for creating BHP’s header for 2014. :)